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Professional Portable Otoscope Endoscope for physician

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XCOPE is a mobile medical device coupling a smart device and rigid endoscopes together to perform ENT(Ear-Nose-Throat) examination. This small but powerful device can record still images and videos while examining, and the stored medical data is utilized via online and offline circumstances. The cost-effectiveness(almost 1/20 of existing endoscopy towers) and versatility of the mobile endoscope allowed various applications in different clinic, including dental clinics, general practices and veterinary clinics. 


│ XCOPE XC-100│ 


Image capture | Video recording | Mirroring | Data synchronization Brightness adjustment | Image library | Auto focus | Left/Right selection 


1. IT-combined 

Live data synchronization and backup 

Monitor mirroring 


2. Product & Customer services 

Updates consistently provided via App Store 


3. Easy-to-use Designed for single-hand use 

Wireless and portable 

Compatible with various types of endoscopes 


H/W Specifications 

8MP (iPhone 5/5s and iPod 6)